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Welcome to the BLORG

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

Because the Borg and Blog look so much alike... Welcome to my Blorg!

Thank you so much for coming!

At least twice a month, I'll share with you my thoughts on writing and productivity, comments on interesting and thought-provoking articles, books, books, and more books, contemplations about our culture, and every now and then, something personal.

I hate living in a vacuum. I'd love to read your comments and thoughts! I promise I will respond to them as I am able, and hopefully we can get a good conversation going. However, please keep this in mind: my blog, and website for that matter, isn't like the Internet at large. If you comment something hurtful or disrespectful to me or another commenter, your comment will be deleted. If you happen to disagree with me or another commenter, figure out a way to present your point of view in a respectful way. I don't mind people disagreeing with me, and I welcome learning a differing point of view! What I do mind is assholes. I mind them very much. If your comment is borderline, I will warn you only once.

That said, read, enjoy, and comment, and thank you for reading!

Here's a beer for you, and there's a beer for me.


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