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How We View Obesity

Photo of Corissa Enneking by Finlay MacKay

When I think about my own weight, I typically tell myself it's all in my control. The other side of that is also telling myself that it's all my fault. I'm overweight, so that's on me. That's my fault because of my diet, that's my fault because I'm not exercising.

I try not to let these thoughts carry over to anyone else but me. I have a general rule about judging others and have a pretty good system in place to catch myself if I am, or if I am comparing myself to others. I personally believe it's harmful to judge and compare, and it's really none of my business what other people do anyway. That is 100% their business, and I get the easy job of just knowing them and accepting them exactly how they are. How freeing to know you aren't in charge of anyone else but you!

But then I read this article. I didn't realize how much I didn't understand about how I was treating myself, or how much judgement was coming to me through the medical community. I'm still processing the article, five days later, and I hope you also take some time to process this article as well.


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