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Sterilization, Hobbies, and Negative Thinking: The Best Articles I've Read This Month

Updated: May 31, 2018

Whoa-ho! Hey! It's been a little while since I've posted, so I wanted to come in hot with some fantastic articles I've read recently.

One of my hobbies is fermenting foods. Here, you'll see a ton of kimchi, and just to the left is some kombucha.

America’s history with sterilization is pretty horrific. This article highlights specifically California’s role in sterilizing young women, usually thought to have mental insufficiencies, and most were Latina. Articles like this are grizzly reminders that we have to keep striving to be better and do better, by everyone, for everyone.

I couldn’t agree more with this article by Jaya Saxena. I’ve wondered if this is just a plague of my generation--the push to monetize everything we do, or figure out some way to monetize our hobbies. Maybe it’s just a product of living in a Capitalistic society. I found when I tried to make money off of my hobbies in the past, I didn’t enjoy them anymore. They became part of a machine, a process of productivity. But a hobby doesn’t have to be productive, in fact, the point of a hobby is not to be productive but to simply enjoy it. I personally want to get back to this way of thinking and figure out how to communicate it to others who feel the pressure to make money off of their hobbies, too.

I chose this article because it proved thought provoking, at least to me. I find it’s true that in a negative mindset, I’m able to tell myself: this thing needs to change, and I need to change it. When I’m positive, nothing needs to happen - action does not need to take place. The negative can be a hell of a motivator. Maybe it shouldn't get as bad of a wrap!

I hope you enjoyed reading these articles! Which one was your favorite?


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May 31, 2018

Yes, definitely. What I liked about that article in particular was the acceptance that negative thoughts can be okay, and even more, the catalyst for something that needs to change.


May 30, 2018

My favorite was this " the need to balance the positive with the negative, optimism with pessimism "

Basically, be a realist.

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